Setting up a Google Analytics profile is very simple. What you are required to do is sign up and then add a tracking code to your website. In order to capture complete data you should get the services of an expert and at SEO Egypt, we are ready to assist you with that. Our Google analytics expert will help you differentiate between paid and non-paid traffic and will provide complete analysis for both. He will also make sure that the captured data is complete, totally relevant, not confusing and recoverable when necessary. In short, our Google analytic consultants will do what it takes to make sure that your company is utilizing Google useful analytical tools in the best possible manner.

The Costs of Google Analytics Implementation and audit

The cost package isn’t fixed due to the diversity of needs of various customers. It depends on your business magnitude and your unique needs. The same goes for Analytics audit. We at SEO Egypt offer many audits such as strategy reviewing, identifying configuration, reviewing current analytics implementation, and reviewing the marketing and traffic channels to assure that the most proper segmentation practices are activated and put in the right place.


Implementation and audit of Google analytics are not all we do, we are fully aware of the importance and viability of professional support. Thus, we will provide professional support at any time you need it. For example, after the implementation and assuring the accuracy of analytics data, you may not be able to segment and demonstrate this data in a way that will make it comprehensible to the different interested parties. Here comes the role of our specialists to offer a helping hand to segment the data to make it convenient and useable to the stakeholders.   Our analytics consultants are always willing to cooperate with you to solve any technical problem you might encounter whether it is a custom code, basic tag implementation or tool configuration.

Internet Marketing Services

We aim to help business owners enhance and magnify their online presence, boost their website traffic, increase their ranking at the major search engines and improve brand awareness which will spontaneously lead to huge conversion rate into sales

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