How comfortable are Your Visitors When Using Your Site?
It may be a cheap question to ask but when it comes to the reality of the use and navigation on your website, you will realize that it needs a lot of attention. Some sites are fun to use while others are irritating because visitors struggle to get information or move from one page to another. Some of the sites do not even function as they were intended to. Avoid having sites that will leave visitor dejected, because that will be the same as killing your online business, for the reason that the  visitors will never want to come back to your annoying website.
PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal? at SEO Egypt, we incorporate all the modern technology that your site will require to run smoothly, such as MySQL and PHP. We customize your site as you will want it to be, and that is why we work hand-in-hand with you through the entire development. You know your requirements and goals and hence your input will be very vital through the whole process. Our skilled designers will go further to come up with a fast loading, user-friendly Search engine optimized website to ensure that you are satisfied beyond your expectations.

The web development services we offer are:-

E-commerce Development
This includes features like shopping cart, integration of payment gateway, marketing knowledge and secure hosting.

PHP Development
All the features that we include in the design of your website are well researched to give a final product that is easy to navigate through, has perfect design features and a perfect structure. This is what (SEO) web design achieves.

CMS Development
A few years back it was cool to design a site with HTML/CSS pages, but things have changed these days. Web development has been made easier by technologies like Content Management Systems.

Installation of PHP Script
We have enough skills to use the numerous PHP scripts, install them on your server, and localize it to Arabic. We do the configuration to set the website to Arabic.