You can get your website designed in English or Arabic at SEO Egypt. We are aware that designing a site in English can be a bit tricky than it is in Arabic. One might think that it is as easy as altering the Arabic format of web designing to fit the English format, but in this there is more than meets the eye. Doing it in Arabic will require a designers who is well versed with the Arab culture, and conversing in it should be a requirement. We have assisted various companies in designing English sites, but Arabic websites are our specialty.

Our services:-
Compatibility of the Browser
Many users go for various browsers at the same time, which Firefox, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Internet Explorer and many others. The websites we design are compatible to all these and many other browsers to give our clients the flexibility of using any browser that they would want to use.

Online Marketing
We have rich designs that fit corporate and identify them when incorporated on their websites. They can be applied online and offline too in the marketing campaigns. The best areas of use can be Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, email marketing, print media and radio advertisements and many others.

Different Platforms
We can design WebPages that are both compatible with desktop display as well as mobile displays. We optimize text, images, URLs navigations and all the features that will make mobile surfing a reality.

Search Engine Optimization
When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, we ensure that all the required features for instance navigation and structure are supported. Any code that we apply in the design is done perfectly to ensure that it does not negatively affect the ranking of the site.

User-friendly Interface
One thing that we know can put off the visitors to a website is the complexity of accessibility of features and navigation from one page to another. For that reason, we ensue that the sites we design have features that will make the visitors experience a memorable one, and they will want to return to your site when they require the services.

Mobile Compatibility
Technology has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. People have become busy and they want to be enabled to perform their business activities even when they are traveling. At SEO Egypt, we understand that and because we do not want to be left behind, or to keep our clients abreast with technology we create website landing pages that are compatible to iPhones and iPads. Our designs hence allow you to work on your PCs, Mac and your mobile devices like smartphones and PADs. We love designing Arabic pages for iPads.