1.Onsite optimization (Phase 1) We provide assistance by getting to know your needs first, like the customers you want to target, and hence make recommendations on the areas that you will need to alter and improve to fit your needs. However and pointed above, all websites have many differences and so there are specific operations that will need to be performed on a per page basis. For that reason, we will have to get to the source of your website in order to execute the operations. We approach this phase as explained below. The strategy of SEO – We will need to check the history of the website and its reputation, and check its competitiveness among other sites. We will analyze the result of our review and optimize the site accordingly. Technical Audit – This involves checking all the technical hitches that may be hindering your website from operating smoothly. The aspects that we may look at in this process are the site map, duplicate content, 301 issues, broken links 404 issues and many others. Researching for a suitable keyword – Some keywords that you may be using may already be in use by some of your competitors. We will be in a position to do a thorough research and come up with a very competitive keyword for your site. Selection of The Keyword – Each page will require a unique keyword, which we will handpick for you, which we will base on the content of a specific page. SEO Content – We will check the content of your website and proceed to find the best keywords that can be incorporated to fit the existing content. Copywriting of Meta Tags – For a site to attract the right visitors, the Meta Tags should be focused on those particular targets, and that is what we will help you to achieve. This is how it should be arranged; Title tag, Description Meta Tag, Image Tags and H1 Tags for every page of your site. Extra Onsite Alterations – If required we will have to create another XML site map, analyze and rewrite the structure of URL for your site. Implementing the changes – We are comfortable to work together with the designer of your website so that we can do the installation of the SEO recommendations. On the other hand, we can request our experts to be allowed to make the changes directly to the site. Dedicated SEO Service – We offer dedicated services to full SEO Egypt clients, whereby we offer them customized services via a dedicated expert. Such an expert will be working with you every time and specifically through the onsite phase.

2.Offsite Link Building for SEO (Phase 2) Online business grows when it receives interests form other sites and this is achieved in the process of Link Building. This involves having links with other online businesses. This service that we provide ensures that you improve your brand on the internet, increase the rate of visits to your site and improve the ranking of the search engine results for your site. We will need to audit your links and compare them to the ones from your competitors. After this, we will implement a link building strategy based of the approach below.

  • · Internet publicity: Press releases will work well to make your site conspicuous
  • · Social Networks: Create social network accounts for your website
  • · Articles: writing online content that will explain why your services or products are the best
  • · Local Profiles: Enhance the appearance of your site in the local directories for search engines
  • · Blogs: Perfect comment on blogs in your industry
  • · Videos: Uploading of relevant videos of your business to specific portals
  • · Monthly Reporting for SEO: We will check the rate of visits and based on the analytics we will be able to offer a report on the improvement of the campaign.
  • · Info graphics: This is appropriate for the advanced link building and we can develop it for our clients
  • · SEO Tools: We always use all the best tools that will improve the visibility, quality and ROI of our clients’ websites. Such tools include Pingdom, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Research tool and many others.
  • · White Hat SEO: At SEO Egypt, we strictly follow the guidelines from Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster. We are strict in every white hat link building practice that we use for every client as directed by Google.