Social Media Marketing Process

 .  . Social Media Marketing Process

The SMM process at SEO Egypt constitutes of three steps. This simplifies things for both the client and us, in the bid to make your online business a success. The following is the way we do it.

Step 1 – Analysis of the Website We will need to know how compatible your site is with search engine optimization. We do this through a thorough analysis of your website. If we find that there are needed changes, we plan for changes to be made in order to pave way for the incorporation of the SEO strategy. This will see the improvement of web traffic to your site.

Step 2 – Proposal We will come up with a comprehensive plan on the changes to be made on your website. The information we gather is what we will use to patch up a proposal that include:

  • The current status of your site, both on and off-page
  • Suggestion of compatibility both on and off-site
  • In-depth competitor analysis
  • Financial breakdown on a monthly basis
  • Optimization strategy
  • Delivery plan
  • Terms of payment

In a normal situation we will hand over our proposal within 72 hours after the enquiry. Step 3 – Approvals and Commencement of work After you approve the proposal and we agree on all the terms, we will be ready to embark on working on your project. We will do all that is required to ensure that you achieve a competitive website, and this will be accomplished by the experienced staff at SEO Egypt. Code of Ethics

We treat all our clients with utmost respect and dedication, the same that we would give our own websites Your reputation is very important and we cannot afford to put it at risk when we take your project, and hence we will do everything possible to ensure that we deliver as we promised. Getting to the top-level ranking is challenging and hence we do not promise that, however it is a promise that when we work on your project it will feature in the first 10 rankings. All rankings are not the same on all search engines, bit we work hard to see that your ranking is competitive enough in all search engines.

We maintain confidentiality in not sharing details with other clients concerning your project.