What is Pay Per Click

This is the marketing model where the advertiser will only pay when the users click on his website links or the advert. The advertiser relies on search engines, websites or the involved online networks for advertising. To be paid. On the case of the search engines, advertisers put more emphasis on the keyword that is used in the content of the advertisement, and it has to be relevant to the targeted market. The keyword needs to be well researched to have that uniqueness, so that when a visitor types the words when searching for commodities or services the content for the advertiser will be the first or among the first three to be displayed.

The Pay Per Click strategy is guided by choosing the right keyword that will generate enough traffic to the advertiser’s website. At SEO Egypt for example, we provide the PPC marketing to help you make enough money to grow your business. If you require positive and quick returns to your investment and time is not on your side you should then consider implementing the Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing strategy.