SEO or PPC? What is precisely your needs?

 .  . SEO or PPC? What is precisely your needs?

In order to make a decision on the type of marketing to use between PPC and SEO , then it will depend on the much that you have decided to spend on marketing. If you are time constrained therefore, the best way is to use Pay Per Click. This will however cost you more and for that reason, you have to be prepared to foot a huge budget. With a slim budget on the other hand, you will be able to pass the message of your business to targeted customers, by the use of Search Engine Optimization where you will achieve to make the search for your website rank high.

The following are the main questions that you should ask yourself when you are torn between using PPC and SEO .

1.How much do you want to spend on the advertising for your website? For starters, you should look at the magnitude of your campaign; in that case you will know the magnitude of the advertisement you will have to do. You can then plan on the amount of cash that you want to spend on the advertisement, and hence you will be in a position to patch up a campaign that fits your budget. Try and set a budget where you will be spend a certain amount of money on a daily basis on the advertising. Set it as low as you can with a minimum of about 5 to 10 dollars in a day. You may not have enough savings to spend on advertising, but all is not lost because you can always depend on free SEO advertising. However, business is all about taking risks and if you have some amount of money on the side, you should give PPC a try because it comes with extra benefits as explained previously.

2.What is the average cost of Cost Per Click (CPCs)? It is prudent to do a thorough research on the amount of money other business owners in your industry pay for advertising. This will help you to determine what you will spend in your campaigns. The platform of Pay Per Click lets users decide on the amount they want to spend on a click for one keyword. This fee is what is referred to as ‘Cost Per Click’. If you are targeting visitors checking for a keyword “online vehicle insurance”, it is good to go for Traffic Estimator that is provided by Google as an External Keyword Research Tool. The result is that the phrase will cost about $3.

3.What is the competitiveness of SERPs in the niche? Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) will also have a great impact on the effectiveness of your advertisement, and the amount it will cost you for the process. This will however be based on the competitiveness of those SERPs regarding the keywords that you are going to use. To know how competitive your keyword is type it in the Google External Keyword Research Tool and it will show you the estimated level of competition, the advertisers using it and the CPCs.

You might choose a keyword that is being used by many established and authoritative websites, and this will mostly happen in the industries that are very competitive. This keyword requires great effort to displace, and you will have to be ready to invest heavily with both your finances and time. In such instances, the most feasible way to market your business is by paying for traffic through Pay Per Click method. It is however prudent to use both methods concurrently, because you will achieve more in terms of attracting traffic to your site when you implement SEO and PPC at the same time.