Multilingual Media Buying & PPC

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We at SEO Egypt will assist you in organizing your Pay Per Click campaign. In order to get the best Return on Investment, we will work together with you in strategizing the procedures. We will dedicate a team that will optimize your site daily, while giving you reports on a monthly basis to let you know the performance of you advertisement campaigns. The reports will be helpful for the organization of future strategies. What is more is that you will get full access to you Analytics and PPC accounts. The PPC services are as explained below:- Setup of New Account That is SEO Optimized

You may be starting from scratch or need your existing account to be managed. We at SEO Egypt will be up to task by designing the account in a structure that will fit your needs and enhance your Return on Investment. Our Pay Per Click management team will be always alert in monitoring your campaign and testing it all through the process.

Online Marketing Advertisements That Will Improve CTR
We do not just create advertisement but also make sure that they are effective in initiating call to action reactions from the visitors. We will come up with various advertisements that we will test to get the best that will enable your site to have that very vital click-through-rate.

Main Landing Pages That Are User-friendly
Apart from relying on the historical trend of the industry that you want to venture into, we will conduct a thorough research that will give us insights on how to make your business a success . After getting the specific details that will enhance its growth, we will generate unique keywords that will attract increased traffic to your site. As time goes, we will extend the keywords to encompass terms that are targeted a lot by visitors. These keywords will improve the click costs and hence improve the traffic to your website.