You can get your website designed in English or Arabic at SEO Egypt. We are aware that designing a site in English can be a bit tricky than it is in Arabic. One might think that it is as easy as altering the Arabic format of web designing to fit the English format, but in this there is more than meets the eye. Doing it in Arabic will require a designers who is well versed with the Arab culture, and conversing in it should be a requirement. We have assisted various companies in designing English sites, but Arabic websites are our specialty.

It may be a cheap question to ask but when it comes to the reality of the use and navigation on your website, you will realize that it needs a lot of attention. Some sites are fun to use while others are irritating because visitors struggle to get information or move from one page to another. Some of the sites do not even function as they were intended to. Avoid having sites that will leave visitor dejected, because that will be the same as killing your online business, for the reason that the visitors will never want to come back to your annoying website. At SEO Egypt, we incorporate all the modern technology that your site will require to run smoothly, such as MySQL and PHP. We customize your site as you will want it to be, and that is why we work hand-in-hand with you through the entire development. You know your requirements and goals and hence your input will be very vital through the whole process. Our skilled designers will go further to come up with a fast loading, user-friendly Search engine optimized website to ensure that you are satisfied beyond your expectations.

This process is a documented outline of all the steps that are to be followed from the beginning to the end of the development of the website. The structure separates the work into categories, and later breaks them down into sections, tasks and resources that will be used in the process of the design.

It is similar to a landing page and you will definitely need one. At SEO Egypt, we want to ensure that you get the best from online marketing and that is why we add a microsite to your main one. It provides information about you line of product or services. In this case, your visitors will have an easy access to the information they are looking for.

What is your take on the importance of beautiful and eye-catchy web design? The important details of an effective website are not its layout, color or fonts, but its ability to meet the needs of the company, which is to market the company to the outside world. For a website to meet its goals and generate the projected profits, a perfect design and the balance for the search engines and human needs. The design should be user friendly in that when the visitor log on to the website, locating vital information like the feedback form, contacts or features like the ‘Buy Now’ button should be effortless. When these features are hard to find, it will mean that the website will greatly affect your Return on Investment.

Our objective, as your chosen e-marketing and design company, is simple. At SEO Egypt, we strive to ensure that you get a website, which will attract enough traffic to grow the business. We focus on this goal to come up with a site that is appealing to customers, as well as performs as intended. 

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We aim to help business owners enhance and magnify their online presence, boost their website traffic, increase their ranking at the major search engines and improve brand awareness which will spontaneously lead to huge conversion rate into sales

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